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1. Plant Finder A-Z
This lists all the plants we grow by their Genus name. Choose a Genus or you can scroll through the photos sorted A to Z, and click on any plant to find out more about it. You can also sort the plants in any Genus by Plant Type or Garden Style to help you choose the best plant for your needs.

2. Plants by type
This groups the plants that grow in a similar way together. From the Plant type description you can choose the best group of plants for your needs, decide on a size and we will show you the plants that match. The photo and plant details give you the information to make a good choice.
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3. Garden styles
You know how you want your property to look, let us help you choose plants that will help achieve this style. Choose that style that best meets your needs, then look at the plants we think work well within this style.
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Plants by Garden Style


This garden will be filled with favourite treasures. It will exist for the love of individual plants rather than the look of the garden as a whole. The nurturer of this garden will have a passionate fervour for the interesting and unusual plant, for the difficult and rarely seen.


This garden uses simplicity to create a formal manicured pattern. It will use precise lines, contrasts of colour to link to the architecture of the house and other parts of the garden. The plants will be manipulated by layers, hedging, topiary, creating living sculptures.


This style uses our native plants to recreate some wild New Zealand in your garden. Whether that is the airy, dappled atmosphere of our beech forests and the many divaricating plants; the strong iconic shapes of our flaxes and cabbage trees; or the lush Pacific feel of the broad leaved plants.


This is the woodland garden, dense, shadowy, and park-like. The strong, solid trunks of trees lead to a sky of layered branches. There are three layers of plants; the canopy of deciduous and evergreen trees, the woody understory of shade loving shrubs and small trees, then the herbaceous ground plantings and bulbs.


Plants are selected for their ability to provide food for birds, bees, native insects and skinks, plus a few for the humans. Consideration can also be given to select plants to accommodate these creatures, for example suitable trees to nest in, and ground covers for shelter.


This place has an exuberance of luxuriant beauty and mystery, it is sumptuous, tropical, bold and flowery. This garden will be lush and full; deep shadows and bright vibrant colours. There will be a predominance of evergreen plants with relatively large bold foliage and flowers.


This is a calm private oasis of a garden. Where you can relax and enjoy the sensuous delight of the small events in the garden; fragrance, plants with flowers that hold the moonlight, the sound of water, breezes in the cool shade. It will always have a wall, fence or hedge to isolate it and create a quiet island or courtyard.


This garden will be inflexible and strong. It will have a minimalist, clean, modern feel. Plants with simple architectural shapes set apart in an open and uncluttered landscape. Often inorganic mulches are used which help to set off the striking and often bizarre plants.


The view onto this garden is an interesting tapestry of patterns, textures, colour and movement, blended to provide beauty without dominance. It can be a small intimate space or a grand vista, the common theme being healthy plants with adequate space to develop their form and blend harmoniously with their neighbours.


This garden needs a structure of specimen trees. It will have a wide selection of plants merged together with much thought about colour and form. This garden has nothing to do with the reality of the outside world; it is about fantasy, romance and the pure pleasure of the art of gardening.

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