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> Calamagrostis 'Karl Foerster' - Feather reed grass

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Calamagrostis 'Karl Foerster'

Calamagrostis  'Karl Foerster'

It is a slowly-spreading, clump-forming, cool season ornamental grass with an erect, slightly arching, slender clump of narrow, stiff, rich green leaves. Leaves produce little fall color, eventually turning tan in winter. In summer, tightly-vertical flower stalks rise well above the foliage to 1.5 mt tall bearing narrow plumes of feathery, purplish-green flowers which turn golden as the seeds mature in summer and eventually tan. Clumps generally provide good continuing winter interest.This ornamental grass brings vertical accent to the landscape. Thrives in wet soils. Use as a specimen or group together. Easily grown in average, medium to wet soil in full sun. Does well in heavy clay soils, unlike many of the other ornamental grasses. Prefers moist, rich soils which do not dry out. Blooms in light shade, and appreciates some light afternoon shade in hot summer climates. Cut clumps to the ground in late winter just before the new shoots appear. This grass will not self-seed in the garden because seeds are sterile. Can be invasive.

Cultivar   'Karl Foerster'

Common name
Feather reed grass
C. arundinacea x C. epigejos

Family name
Place of origin
Garden origin

1.5 m
1 m
(expected growth in average NZ conditions in 5 to 10 years)

Soil Type
Grows in clay soils / Prefers good loamy soil

Avoid dry soils / Prefers wet soil

Prefers a semi-shaded site / Will tolerate very hard frosts.

Enthusiast / Magnificent / Structure / Texture / Whimsical

Grasses, sedges and flaxes.

Large, height over 1.5 metres.
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